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System 300

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Designed primarily for conveying garments on wire hangers.  The System 300 consists of a rotating steel rail and helix revolving on nylon bearing surfaces.  This system provides continuous one way movement at a rate of 12 feet per minute with quiet and low cost operation.  The system can be configured with both horizontal and vertical curves, up to 90 degrees and 15 degrees, respectively. The rail can accommodate up to 10 lbs./ft. on wire hangers or hooks.  Maximum wire diameter is 5/32”.  Length up to 100 ft. per unit in a straight line, with additional length provided by transfer from one unit to another.  Units come in 5’ and 10’ segments.  Segments are coupled together with easily inserted spring pins.  Power is provided by ¼ hp. continuous duty Gear motor.  Units are furnished with Factory Assembled rail, rail support and 1 5/16” tubular headers ready for suspension and installation.  


  • Quiet operation, low cost.

  • Factory assembled with rail, rail supports and headers.

  • Continuous one way movement.

  • Return loop not required.

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