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Greenhouse Industry

System 200

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The Railex System 200 has been used in the greenhouse growing industry for years. The pipe trolley system is suspended from the greenhouse framework and allows for the movement of plants easily over the growing area. Carts are not practical because of the uneven floor surface. Growers also use the same System 200 for watering systems in order to move heavy hoses and keep the floor clear for more plant production. Download Product Brochure

Industrial Applications

System 200

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Railex systems are frequently modified in for applications in other industries. For example automotive assembly lines have used Railex System 200 Slick Rail and Trolleys for years. Other applications include decorative displays in retails stores and restaurants, industrial production facilities that need parts moved from one area to another area, and distribution centers that transport flat-pack items by hanging conveyor or speed rail instead of carts on the ground.

Vertical Garment Conveyor

System 510

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The Railex System 510 is designed to convey garments and similar items vertically between two levels. The conveyed items automatically transfer at both levels  to accumulation lines. Download Product Brochure

Inclined Garment Conveyor

System 520

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The Railex System 520 is designed for conveying garments on wire hangers horizontally or vertically up inclines of 60°. It consists of motor driven endless roller links moving hangered garments on UHMW bearing surfaces. There is no lubrication, and therefore no contamination of rail or garments. Transfer to continuous accumulation rail is automatic. Download Product Brochure

Vertical Trolley Lift

System 570

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The Railex 570 System is designed to lift Railex Speed Rail trolleys between two levels. Download Product Brochure

Retail Garment Conveyors

System 700

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Railex 771
Mulit-plane Clothing Conveyor in Retail Display Application


Freestanding Quick Racks

System 1437

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Freestanding Quick Racks that are 15’ long set up in a wholesale showroom.  These racks can carry a heavy load and they take less than an hour to set up with simple hand tool.  These racks are completely freestanding.
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