Railex Now Manufacturing and Shipping PPE Guard Systems

Complete Rolling, Stationary and Ceiling-Supported Guard Systems Now Available Since 1954, Railex Conveyor Corp. has been a leader in the manufacturing of material handling equipment. We have thousands of installations across the country. Part of our expertise is in...

Railex Corp. Manufactures PPE Medical Face Shields

In April of 2020 during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, Railex Corp. of Copiague, NY went from metal fabricators to manufacturers of PPE Medical Face Shields in just four days.

PPE Medical Face Shield for COVID-19 Coronavirus Now Being Manufactured by Railex

Buy the Face Shield Here PPE Medical Face Shield Protects Medical Workers and Other Professionals in the "Face" of a Global Pandemic Railex is a manufacturing company with a proud 60-year history of excellence and innovation. When business as usual came to a halt we...

Meet the “Five Guys” of Railex Corp.

Everyone like Five Guys burgers… If you’re in the Garment On Hanger (GOH) business, you will really like our five guys!

A Rich History Since 1959

Our product catalogues have since evolved, but the quality of our products has never diminished.

Welcome to Railex

We serve trolleys, dry cleaners, laundry businesses, coat checks, greenhouse/plant businesses, clothing warehouses and more!

Eight Days from Conception to Completion

The Railex #781 displayed at Nike SOHO for the #WorldCup2018 took 8 only days to complete, from design to installation processes.

(718) 845-5454

System 2500 Automated Uniform Management Conveyors

Railex System 2500 is a fully automated uniform conveyor for employee uniform management. We have installed systems that can handle from 300 to 10,000 employees.

This system is an ideal solution for hotels, casinos, hospitals, or any other operation with a large number of employees.


Dual Drive System

  • Retrieval time 15-25% faster than competitors
  • Smooth acceleration and deceleration Long life
  • Handles heavy loads effortlessly
  • Quiet
  • Remote diagnostic capability

Track and Chain

  • Fully Enclosed Track is safe and quiet
  • Lifetime lubricated eliminates dirt and grease falling onto uniforms.
  • The composite chain rides in an electroplated channel to prevent dust or metal shavings

Automated Retrieval Door

  • Electrically powered hands free door
  • Soft closing feature
  • Easy employee interface via swipe, keypad, or fingerprint access
  • Programmable opening and closing times.
  • Fire rated door optional

Inventory Management

  • RFID
  • Easy to load
  • Links to all inventory management systems
  • At all times you know where the garments are. On the conveyor. With the employee. In the soiled return bin.
Inclined Conveyor
Load Station
  • Installation available for floor or ceiling supported system.
  • Complete system design services.
  • On-site introduction and employee training.
  • Turnkey installation by factory trained workers.
  • Software integration.
  • Hundreds of successful installations.

Made With Pride in the USA

Copiague, NY



15 Ralph Ave
Copiague, NY 11726


(718) 845-5454


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