Railex System 750 Garment On Hanger Order Assembly Conveyor

Dry Cleaning Garment Order Assembly Conveyor: Technology – Speed – Versatility

Assemble Your Orders with Cutting-Edge Technology

The Railex System 750 Order Assembly Conveyor helps dry cleaners assemble orders by using the latest technology. Our controls are fast and easy to us. They are set up intuitively so that a new employee will be operating the system like a pro in just short time.

Our bar code readers are fast….really fast so the conveyor reacts quickly. Our conveyor frame, chain, and drive are rugged. They run quickly. They stop quickly. They accelerate quickly.

The System 750 does all this and the chain does not break or fail and the alignment does not drift. This means more uptime, higher rates of productivity, and less headaches!

Key Features & Benefits:


Our assembly conveyor is versatile. It can be oval shape, L-shape, or up/down style. This lets you fit it into smaller and tighter spaces. The up/down style gives you storage under the conveyor.


Our slot openings are larger, so you don’t have to squeeze orders into slots that are too small.


The conveyor communicates with bold and clear graphics and with audio prompts and commands with a loud and rugged sound system. If you don’t want the “noise” of a speaker system, the operator can use our Bluetooth headphones.


Our conveyor, with the push of a button, will communicate with your operator in English, Spanish, Chinese, or Korean. If you need a different language, just ask!


Our enclosed track means that most of the moving parts are safely away from operators and loose material. The conveyor looks clean and professional.


Our chain is rugged. This is the same chain we use on commercial systems that run up to 1,000 feet long, so you know a 20 foot long assembly conveyor chain will last for years and years with no maintenance required.


We communicate with your POS system, so the conveyor is always one step ahead of your production team.


The automatic printer lets you tag the order easily and professionally as each order is completed.


The conveyor can be installed with traditional ground support stands, or it can be installed supported from your overhead structure. Both are simple and easy options.

System 750 Standard Assemblies

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