System 500 Vertical Lift Conveyors for Garments and Trolleys

Complete solutions for conveying garments on hangers (GOH).

A Complete Range of Vertical Lift Conveyors

System 510 Vertical Garment Conveyors

System 510 Vertical Garment Conveyors are designed to conveyor single garments or similar items vertically between two levels. The conveyed items automatically transfer at both levels onto accumulation lines for safe, fast, easy, semi-automatic operation.

System 520 Inclined Garment Conveyors

System 520 Inclined Garment Conveyors are designed for conveying garments on wire hangers vertically at inclines of 60 degrees.

Railex System 570 Vertical Lift

System 570 Vertical Lifts

System 570 Vertical Lifts are designed to move garments on hangers (GOH) between different levels. It can be configured to be hand-loaded with batches of clothing, or it can be integrated into a trolley line to move trolleys vertically between floors.

Railex System 510 Vertical Conveyor Retail Bag Delivery

The Railex System 570 Vertical Lift is designed to move GOH or Trolleys between levels. The system is very versatile. In this installation a high end retail location uses the lift to move GOH from basement storage up to the retail store. For this tight installation we made a telescoping loading bar. In other installations this lift can be automated with sensors and switches to bring loaded trolleys between levels in warehouse and laundry operations.

Railex System 570 Overall Machine Dimensions

Overall vertical dimension not stated due to a variety of vertical adjustments and configurations available. Load Platform dimensions and horizontal width of machine are fixed, however, the attached garment loading arm and/or trolley can come in custom lengths to fit your needs.

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