Area Guards by Railex Are Mobile Room Dividers with Polycarbonate Clear Protection

Rolling, Stationary & Ceiling-Supported Guards

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Railex PPE: Rolling and Ceiling Supported area dividers for safer social distancing. Steel Frame and Polycarbonate Polymer Protection.

Since 1954 Railex Conveyor Corp. has been a leader in the manufacturing of material handling equipment. We have thousands of installations across the country. Part of our expertise is in rolling stock and ceiling suspended systems. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic we have leveraged that expertise and experience to develop our line of PPE Area Guards.

  • Area Guard frames are made with a heavy-duty steel frame that is 14 and 12 gauge thick.
  • The base of each Area Guard is 100% welded construction for durability.
  • The optically clear shields are high impact and withstand being hit with a 2×4 without shattering, cracking, or chipping.
  • The Area Guards roll on high quality 4” casters with ball-bearing load points that can handle any flooring surface.

Each Area Guard comes standard with 1 or 2 locking casters so the Area Guards stay in place once you position them.

Railex Area Guard at Check-In

Railex Area Guards: Polycarbonate Tough & Crystal Clear
Railex Area Guard in Waiting Area
Cantilever Area Guard

15″ Wide Area Guard

24″ Wide Area Guard

4’ Wide Area Guard Galvanized Finish Top Area Protected

4′ Wide Area Guard

6′ Wide Area Guard

Ceiling Suspended Area Guard

Railex Area Guards are rolling room dividers. They are clear dividers that allow protection, while at the same time allowing for complete visibility. These mobile room dividers create room barriers for safer social distancing. By using mobile area dividers you can re-arrange your area guards as your needs change. The rolling room dividers also let you clean and sanitize the flooring effectively.

Cantilever Area Guard

Ideal for any work bench, conveyor belt, assembly line, packing line, processing line or counter where people need to be shielded when they lean over the work-space or counter top. These are available in 3 standard heights depending on the height of your work surface

15” Wide Area Guard

The 15” wide Area Guard is wide enough to protect your face, but narrow enough so that you can reach around with your hands and examine or work on someone.

24” Wide Area Guard

The 24” wide Area Guard allows you to get close and examine someone with an added degree of width protection. Ideal when you do not need to touch or come into contact with someone but you need to do a close-up visual examination.

6’ and 4’ Wide Area Guard

These larger Area Guards are the perfect way to provide separation in large areas. They can easily be moved and re-configured as your needs change. Restaurants, open plan offices, and line formation needs will find the flexibility of moving the Area Guard ideal as their needs change. The heavy-duty construction means that they take commercial abuse for years without failing.

Cantilever Racks

Before protective film removed. Extra tall with added guard area.

1350-4WGT-G-F Railex Area Guard

With Strippable Film

All Area Guards are shipped with a protective strippable film over the polycarbonate shield. When the area guard is received simply remove the film for an optically clear view.

1350-4W6T-G-F Rolling Area Guard

Packed for Shipment

Ceiling Suspended Area Guard

Typical Installation

Since 1954 Railex has delivered solutions in the material handling world. Our area guards are high quality and built to last. We can make them in custom configurations if the quantity justifies it. We can also manufacture them in stainless steel. Please reach out to us with your questions and comments if you don’t see what you need.

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