Railex System 3500 Sortation Conveyor

The finest mechanical sortation conveyor on the market, with rugged reliability and infinite adjustment.

Rugged Reliability Coupled With Infinite Adjustment

The Railex System 3500 is the finest mechanical sortation conveyor on the market. It comes with a complete digital touch screen control and data capture package. Rugged reliability and infinite adjustment are the features that make the Railex 3500 Sortation conveyor the choice of hard working uniform and garment facilities.


Flexible Chain Configurations

Railex System 3500 sortation conveyor can be configured to work in whatever your plant space allows. Track designs are custom to your needs. We have horizontal 90 and 180 degree bends as well as 30 and 45 degree vertical bends. Our lines can run clockwise or counter clockwise. Picking and line loading can be done in one location or multiple locations of the same line. Your 3500 Sortation conveyor can be installed so it is floor supported or suspended from the ceiling. We have installed systems in many shapes and sizes. If you have a need, we have a solution.

Increase the Capacity

With an A-B systems pick configuration, the number of routes can be increased to 48.


Precise Pick Location

The micro adjustment pick is adjustable up and down and in and out for the most precise pick location possible. The result is no mis-picks. No garments dropping off the line. The sub-component assembly means that damaged parts can be removed and replaced in just a few moments with hand tools.


Fully Captured Chain

The chain is fully captured in the pick zone with both the front and the back guides on a locking threaded adjustment.


Complete Touchscreen Control

The Railex System 3500 is controlled through a touch screen that lets you control and see important data such as the line speed, the torque setting on the VFD drive system, the amount of time the line is up and running vs. the time the line is down, and the reason for any line stops. The historical data lets you compare current operations to past performance. With this data, you can develop the most effective practices for each line and each facility.


Easy Line Adjustment & Maintenance

The controls allow you to jog forward and jog reverse, an important feature during any line adjustment and maintenance.


Engineered for Safety

Our stop-start system features a delayed start with a light and siren, so that any time the line starts up everyone in the area is warned for safety. The line comes with a safety pull cord system in the load area and guards can installed anywhere else needed along the line.


Mechanical AND Electronic Torque Control

The drive on the Railex 3500 Sortation Conveyor features both mechanical AND electronic torque control. This prevents damage to your line and surrounding equipment in the event of a snag or jam or operator mis-load.


Runs As Needed, Where Needed

The 3500 is designed to be configured to run around your plant as needed, where needed. It works with multiple turns and elevation changes over a long distance running at speeds up to 120 fpm.

Railex System 3000 Sortation Conveyor for Garments on Hangers in Action During the 1960’s

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