Railex System 750 Order Assembly Conveyor

Reduce Assembly Overhead Costs and Dramatically Increase Your Assembly Throughput

Your All-in-One Solution for Order Assembly

We are pleased to present our Railex System 750 Assembly Conveyor. The 750 Garment on Hanger order assembly conveyor combines fantastic features to deliver a superior machine. Our System 750 conveyor integrates with your POS (Point of Sale) software. The assembly conveyor has an incredible ROI of less than a year. It will reduce the number of employees you have assembling orders and speed up your throughput.

  • Intuitive: The user experience is both easy and natural. The interface is incredibly flexible for the operator and the business manager. Our order based interface helps the operator and the management real-time display lets you know if you are ahead or behind schedule based on that days work-load.
  • Fast: The standard conveyor speed is over 100 feet per minute and the rugged drive system starts and stops quickly.
  • Versatile: The generous order slot size is simple to run. The audio feedback via speakers or blue-tooth headphones give you options. The langue setting lets you and your employees choose the language that is best for them.
  • Safe: The conveyor chain is completely enclosed in the track, only the slots are visible. The whole conveyor is extremely quiet and clean.
  • Easy: The track is powder coated a soft white that is extremely clean looking and easy to wipe down and keep dust free.
  • Long Lasting: The conveyor chain itself is very robust and allows for the conveyor to be installed in traditional oval shapes, L-shapes, and up/down shapes. This conveyor conforms to your business needs.
  • Accurate: The over-sized motor and gear box are rugged. The drive on the conveyor is a fully enclosed caterpillar drive. The cat drive provides more engagement between the drive system and the conveyor chain. The result is tighter control of the conveyor chain location so it does not drift, regardless of if it is empty, full, or partly full of GOH.
  • Evolutionary: Railex will continue to update and upgrade the system based on your feedback such as our zone-control option for laundry, dry cleaning, store, and route segmentation to help you better manage your business.

True Plug-and-Play Operation

Each conveyor includes everything for plug and play operation.

  • Conveyor frame, chain, and drive system
  • Conveyor VFD (inverter) and NEMA enclosure
  • Railex Order Assembly Software
  • Computer
  • Slot Shroud and Alert Photo Eye
  • 24” Monitor and adjustable frame mounted bracket
  • 10” Operational Status Screen
  • Keyboard & Mouse
  • Speakers and Frame Mounted bracket
  • Receipt printer and frame mounted bracket
  • Bar code scanner and frame mounted bracket
  • Stands and fixtures for all Hardware
  • All cables and connectors
  • Floor mounted uprights

A Full Range of Sizes & Configurations

Railex System 750 104 Links

Oval - 104 Links

Railex System 750 104 Links

Oval - 184 Links

Railex System 750 104 Links

Oval - 224 Links

Railex System 750 104 Links

L Shape - 164 Links

Railex System 750 104 Links

Up-Down - 152 Links

Elevation increases in 1’6″ increments.

Railex System 750

244 Links

Railex System 750 104 Links

System 750-224 GOH Mechanical Installation

This Railex System 750 GOH Order Assembly Conveyor is being installed and connected to the customers POS software. This job took half a day to install and half a day to work with the customer training them on all the features and benefits of the Railex conveyor. The cost of this conveyor will pay for itself in just under 6 months.

Railex System 750 104 Links

System 750-224 GOH Assembly Conveyor In Operation Day 1

The Railex System 750-224 GOH Order Assembly Conveyor in operation on day 1 of the installation.   Fast. Clean. Accurate.  Loaded with features and information.

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