Railex System 211 Powered Trolley Booster & Rail

  • Powered rails move trolleys up and down between different levels or floors in your facility.
  • Powered rails move trolleys over long distances at grade level.



Power Track: Enclosed


Chain: Ball bearing, Nylon Tired


Drive: 37fpm


Take-up: Adjustable


Pushers: Dual Pivoting


Bi-directional Capability


Incline: 30° standard


Duty: Continuous or Intermittent

Shown above is the 30° variant of the 211 trolley booster. This model is industry standard.
The Railex System 211 is most often suspended from the ceiling. Railex is able to provide a full BOM of all the materials you will need to install your trolley booster rail.


Switches can automatically move trolleys to the storage or staging area you specify. This is achieved by bar-code readers, optical sensors, or RFID triggers. The switches are pneumatically operated for low maintenance and high levels of dependency.

Railex System 215 Trolley Motion Pneumatic Trolley Stop

Railex System 215 Pneumatic Trolley Feeder for Automated Trolley Motion Control

Standard Equipment

  • 1/3 – 3/4 hp, 115/208/220, 1 or 3 Ø phase.
  • Adjustable torque limiter.
  • Bi-directional pivoting pushers every 8’.
  • Adjustable take up.
  • Guard Rail for incline.
  • Trolley rail to match 1 1/16” or 1 5/16”.


  • Electrical supply, change in elevation, and rail size.


  • Electrical control package including push button stations.
  • Full line sensor.
  • Pneumatic trolley feeder.

Railex System 200-210-21PITS Pneumatic Inline Trolley Stop

Railex Pneumatic Inline Trolley Stop

The Railex System 200-210 family of parts help control trolleys moving by gravity and under power throughout your operation.

The Railex Inline Pneumatic Stop holds trolleys in place where you want control and singulation of your trolleys.

Trolley-Motion is an important part of your GOH or industrial application and our inline stops will help you optimize your throughput.

Railex makes fully automated trolley systems. These 4 mode changers are being wired up to run trolleys loaded with GOH.

A Complete Array of Power and Free Trolley Rail Applications

Railex produces both power and free trolley rail systems. Our systems include all the pneumatic and electrical controls necessary to make your system run smoothly. In addition to running your system, we provide multiple points of data capture so you know when your system stops and why. You know how many hours per day your system is operational. You can track how many trolleys pass through your system and where they discharge. Our mode changers give you flow control so your line does not dictate the speed of your workforce partners. The bottom line result is more throughput in your operation. Please contact Railex for your next power and free trolley rail application.

Railex System 211 Power and Free Trolley Rail with Mode Changer from Soft to Hard Dog

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