Railex Greenhouse, Grow, and Cannabis Systems

Complete greenhouse solutions to support every step of the indoor farming growing process.

Custom Configured Railex Systems for Greenhouses & Grow Facilities

For more than 40 years, Railex has manufactured conveyors and racks to move and store cannabis and other plants. Our products work easily with most greenhouses and pallet rack systems being used in the industry. We have solutions to easily move large or small volumes of plant matter from suspended trolley systems.

Our product is also used to dry cannabis and other plant products with modified versions of our System 200 racking. For sophisticated processing, our System 700 storage conveyors offer complete control of time and airflow.

We have more than 60 years experience with hanging items. Our product has been installed and is in use in thousands of facilities in North America.


Organic Farming


Marijuana Drying


Cannabis Processing


Hemp Drying


Urban Farming


Trolleys for moving plants overhead


Micro-Greens Farming


Marijuana Farming


Cannabis Drying


Vertical Farming


Trolleys for moving overhead hose systems


Overhead Pipe trolleys for dirt floor greenhouses

Railex supplies system 200 parts and entire systems to the greenhouse, indoor grow, and cannabis industry. For this installation Railex supplied the trolleys, the trolley suspension system, and rail switches. For wide span greenhouses, Railex will supply truss systems.
1331-60 Heavy Duty 1-Tier Rolling Garment Rack 6ft with Cannabis
1332-60 Heavy Duty 2-Tier Rolling Garment Rack 6ft with Cannabis
Railex makes a family of automated conveyors that can be adapted for cannabis drying operations. The conveyors can be configured into almost any shape to maximize the cubic space of your facility. The controls can be set to a continuous run cycle so the conveyor turns slowly, continuously, for a pre-set number of hours or days. This constant movement means that there are no “dead air spots” around your product. This assures your product dries evenly on all sides and reduces drying time. For loading and unloading, the conveyor can be set to “Load / Unload Mode” to maximize your team’s efficiency. Railex makes a family of suspension products that are attached to the conveyor chain at predetermined locations so your product is always spaced evenly.
The Railex System 742 conveyor has 2 tiers for the suspension of smaller plants during the drying cycle. The distance between the tiers of chain is made to your specification.
The Railex 771 Conveyor maximizes your space by storing product up in the ceiling. The footprint for loading and unloading is 35 square feet. Everything else is up off the floor. In these examples, we show a floor supported system – however, in any application with an exposed ceiling the entire system can be suspended from the ceiling. This Railex 771 conveyor system opens up your floor space to more productive use.
Railex RT400 Trolley comes complete with an adjustable shelving system. The RT400 is perfect for transporting plants and other materials in and around greenhouses and grow facilities. The shelves can be solid or perforated for drainage. Our standard size for the shelves are 2’ wide x 4’ long, and we typically supply the RT400 with either 3 or 4 shelves.

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