Railex System 321 Screw Conveyor

A rotating rail moves clothing on hangers up, down and around your facility.

An Extremely Economical Value for Companies of All Sizes

The Railex System 321 Screw Conveyor is designed for conveying garments on wire hangers. It is made from a rotating steel rail and a helix revolving on nylon bearing surfaces. The conveyor moves garments on wire hangers at 15 feet per minute. It is designed to run continuously and allows for the attendants to load and unload the machine at any point along the conveyor. The dynamic design allows the conveyor to be configured to go left, right, up, and down with a maximum length of 150’. This conveyor provides continuous one-way movement and does not require a return loop. This machine is designed to be installed from the ceiling but can also be floor or wall supported.

Completely Open

Screw Conveyors are completely open so that they can be loaded at almost any point along their length. Our simple design lets you install these systems anywhere quickly with the Railex System 200 components from the ceiling or the floor.


Screw conveyors are extremely economical and represent a strong value for small and large operations.

Integrated Systems

Multiple screw conveyors can work together through drop-offs to create long integrated systems. With optical full line sensors multiple lines can be configured to converge. These designs allow for clothing on hangers coming in from many different directions and work cells to load onto a main line for consolidation.


The System 321 Screw Conveyor is made up of modular components. By putting the components together the conveyor can run on almost any path needed in your operation. The straight sections come standard in 5’ and 10’ lengths, however they can be supplied in lengths as short as 5”. The conveyor terminates with an end transfer that will discharge GOH onto a slick rail or another conveyor at the end of the line.
The Railex System 321 Screw Conveyor comes standard with a “Left Hand” travel rotation. “Right Hand” is available with a special order at no extra cost. Left Hand means that garments are to be loaded from the left hand side of the drive unit.


The Railex System 321 Screw Conveyor is most often suspended from the ceiling. Railex is able to provide a full BOM of all the materials you will need to install your screw conveyor. Our full line of System 200 Slick Rail fittings and tube is ideal for this application. We encourage our clients to send us sketches or prints of what they want to do in their facility, and we will drop the screw conveyor into place in your CAD print or we will create one.

Railex System 321 Screw Conveyor for GOH Drop-Off

Railex System 321 Screw Conveyor for Garments on Hangers Rail and Support

Railex System 321 Rotating Rail Conveyor for Clothing on Hangers Elevation Change

Railex System 321 Screw Conveyor for GOH Drive System

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