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System 321 Screw Conveyor / Rotating Rail for GOH

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  • The Rotating rail, or screw conveyor, is designed primarily for conveying garments on wire hangers.
  • The System 321 consists of a rotating steel rail and helix revolving on nylon bearing surfaces. This system provides continuous one way movement at a rate of 12 feet per minute with quiet and low cost operation.
  • The system can be configured with both horizontal and vertical curves, up to 90 degrees and 15 degrees, respectively.
  • The screw conveyor can accommodate up to 10 lbs / ft of Garments On Hangers (GOH) on wire hangers or hooks. The maximum wire diameter of the hangers that the Rotating Rail Conveyor can handle is 5/32.
  • The screw conveyor can be configured to have turns and elevation changes.
  • Each drive unit can power lengths up to 100 feet in a straight line. Additional powered sections added for lengths greater than 100 feet and GOH can transfer from one unit to another with drop-offs.
  • Each drive can power lengths of about 50 feet when there are turns or elevation changes.
  • Railex makes and stocks pre-configured 45 and 90 degree turns along with 5 foot and 10 foot lengths.


  • Quiet operation, low cost.

  • Factory assembled with rail, rail supports and headers.

  • Extremely Economical.

  • Can be factory supplied with a full line sensor for automatic stop-start operation when setting up feeder rotating rails into a main line.

  • Continuous one way movement.

  • Return loop not required.

  • Supplied complete with header rail and brackets on each section.

321-Inside Supports

With rotating rail in place

321-Outside Supports

With rotating Rail in place

321-Inside Supports

No rotating rail in place

321-Outside Supports

No rotating rail in place

321-Joint 1

Separated before assembly

321-Joint 2

Opened part way assembled

321-Joint 3

Pins before final assembly

321-Joint 4

Finished assembly