Meet the “Five Guys” of Railex Corp.

Everyone like Five Guys burgers… If you’re in the Garment On Hanger (GOH) business, you will really like our five guys!

A Rich History Since 1959

Our product catalogues have since evolved, but the quality of our products has never diminished.

Welcome to Railex

We serve trolleys, dry cleaners, laundry businesses, coat checks, greenhouse/plant businesses, clothing warehouses and more!

Eight Days from Conception to Completion

The Railex #781 displayed at Nike SOHO for the #WorldCup2018 took 8 only days to complete, from design to installation processes.

(718) 845-5454

Garment Storage – Railex Clothing Racking

This Railex System 200 Clothing Racking was installed for garment storage, picking, and shipping.

We built this racking with cross bracing on top and Railex End Frames to stabilize the free standing design requested by the customer.

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