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PPE Medical Face Shield Protects Medical Workers and Other Professionals in the “Face” of a Global Pandemic

Railex is a manufacturing company with a proud 60-year history of excellence and innovation. When business as usual came to a halt we wanted to do something to help. We heard about the shortage of PPE Medical Face Shields for COVID-19 Coronavirus for healthcare workers. We then heard about an opportunity to work with a local high school, university, and university hospital to start making face shields. We worked with them to supply 5,000 face shields.

The PPE medical face shields were designed by the STEM teachers and their class at The Stony Brook School. The teachers were Stan Winston and Jeremy Donovan, along with students Ethan Magnuson, Cole Spier, and Tiger Winston.

The design they came up with could be produced at a high rate of over 100 per hour, which overcame the limitations of 3D-printed versions. The PPE face shield design also uses materials that are available quickly on the market, which is very important in these times. Lastly their design, unlike the “quick” versions healthcare workers are being forced to settle for now, is comfortable and rugged just like the commercial versions of face shields that are in such short supply. This comfort is important to health care workers and First Responders as they have these Face Shields on all day.

Railex is now bringing this high-quality PPE Medical Face Shield for COVID-19 Coronavirus to the market. Our goals are simple:

  • Help the fight against this terrible pandemic.
  • Keep our employees working instead of shutting down.

To learn more and purchase, visit the PPE Medical Face Shield website.