Complete Rolling, Stationary and Ceiling-Supported Guard Systems Now Available

Since 1954, Railex Conveyor Corp. has been a leader in the manufacturing of material handling equipment. We have thousands of installations across the country. Part of our expertise is in rolling stock and ceiling suspended systems. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic we have leveraged that expertise and experience to develop our line of PPE Guards. These guards are made in three standard configurations:

  • Rolling guards with locking casters that can easily be moved and re-configured. Ideal for situations where you need to constantly move or re-arrange the guards.
  • Floor based guards for applications where you do not need to move them often. Ideal for line formation, separation control, or crowd control.
  • Ceiling-suspended guards installed where you want them with no floor supports. These installations are often used in production areas so that the floors can remain open and free to move and handle material or wash-down at the end of a shift.

Our steel tube and connectors are heavy duty 14 ga and 11 ga materials. The optically clear resin composite is extremely tough. Check out the video of the plastic guard successfully surviving “The 2 x 4 whack test” so you can see the quality and durability of these guards.