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Railex Garment on Hanger conveyors offer easy storage, retrieval, and sorting of your clothing with the slot in the chain design. Railex has been making this style of conveyor for over 65 years. The Railex System 700 design is widely used in many applications.

Railex makes these machines in many different shapes and styles. Let us design one that will maximize the storage in the space you have. Our engineering team will work with you to deliver detailed CAD drawings and layouts so you know exactly what you are getting.

Just like the shape and capacity of your machine is unique, so is the drive system for your machine. Railex will fit and size the drive system to your application. By matching the drive system to your needs you are assured that your equipment will run for decades. Our equipment is rugged and dependable.

How you run your business, and what you need from your machine, affects how the machine is controlled. Just like the other components of your machines, the operator interface is critical to efficient operation of your machine. Railex offers many different controls for our conveyors. This lets us match the right controller to your needs. We offer everything from manual toggle systems to wireless remote digital touch screens.

At Railex the most important asset we have is our people. Our team brings decades of experience in each phase of our operation: customer support, engineering, manufacturing. We are here and ready to work for you. Since 1954 Railex has been delivering satisfaction to its customers.

System 700 Controls

Hand Control

Standard hand actuated, bi-directional control with emergency stop function.

System 2100 Digital Control

Optional remote positioning system that permits the attendant to select the desired position on the conveyor.

Wireless Tablet Control

Optional control system that allows ticketless retrieval of garments on the conveyor.

Foot Control

Foot actuated, bi-directional.

System 700 Yokes

Single Yoke

Stamped zinc plated, two 1-3/8” diameter nylon treaded load bearing wheels with a load capacity of 30 lbs.

Dual Yoke (Optional)

Stamped zinc plated, four 1-3/8” diameter nylon treaded load bearing wheeled carrier. Increases load capacity to 60 lbs.

System 700 Drive Systems

Conventional Belt Drive

Belt drive is typically used for low and medium power transmission. The conventional drive system damps out noise and vibration for a smooth and quiet operation. This conventional drive system is cost effective with a low maintenance cost.

Atlas Chain Drive

Chain drive systems are used for heavy duty loads. High transmission efficiency, no slip or creep. Features 3/8” thick laser cut sprocket, double bearing blocks and overload safety device (torque limiter).

Apollo Direct Drive

Gear motor drive systems are ideal for low, medium, and high power transmission. Permanently lubricated gear reducer. No Exposed moving parts. Direct drive motors are more efficient than a conventional drive. Longer service life compared to both belt and chain drive.

Available Shapes

System 722 – Single plane, one tiered.

Longer Sizes Available

System 742 – Single plane, two tiered.

Longer Sizes Available

System 771– Multi plane, up & down, front or end loading.

Longer Sizes Available

System 781– Multi plane, up & down, side up or side down loading.

Longer Sizes Available

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