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– A world leader in Garment on Hanger (GOH) movement and storage solutions. – Manufacturer of overhead speed rail systems and trolleys since 1954. – A wide range of motorized GOH conveyors including garment storage conveyors, rotating rail conveyors, and enclosed track pendant conveyors. – Dry Cleaners and Industrial Laundries have been depending on Railex systems for decades. – Light/medium duty and heavy duty rolling and z-racks for commercial and retail GOH applications.


Speed Rail

Railex System 200 is a continuous monorail and storage system designed for moving, storing and sorting apparel and Garments on Hangers (GOH). Low cost and suitable for many material handling applications.


Enclosed Track / Tube Conveyors / Pin Conveyors

The System 400 is a Continuous Tube Conveyor designed for conveying parts horizontally and/or on inclines. Allows travel in both directions and can be designed and constructed to follow almost any desired path.


Garment Conveyor

The System 700 and 900 Electric Storage and Retrieval Conveyors are electric racks activated by remote controls. The racks contain numbered and indexed links with slots for garments or storage bags on hangers.


Screw Conveyor / Rotating Rail

The System 321 is a screw or helix conveyor designed to provide quiet and continuous one-way movement of garments on hangers. Consists of a rotating steel rail and helix riding on nylon bearing surfaces.


Rolling Garment Racks


Specialized Products & Applications


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Industrial Laundry

Railex provides overhead speed monorail and rotating rail systems designed to efficiently move garments, uniforms, linens and other hanging goods for on-site and commercial and industrial laundry facilities/

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Distribution and Fulfillment Centers

Railex provides overhead speed monorail systems designed to move garments and other hanging goods efficiently and quickly.  Railex trolley boosters allow movement of material between floors, supplemented by gravity fed routes and variable speed rotating rails.

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Whether it’s inmate storage at a correctional facility or uniform storage at industrial food processing plants, Railex overhead garment and garment bag conveyors are the solution.  Available in a multitude of sizes and configurations, Railex motorized conveyors can be customized to fit your needs.

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Dry Cleaners

Railex conveyors have been storing and moving retail and industrial dry cleaning goods for over 50 years.  Designed for smooth and quite operation, Railex offers multiple user interfaces and are compatible with most customer software and point-of-sale products on the market.

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Railex garment hanging products are finding themselves in more and more retail outlets.  Out on the sales floor and in the back room, Railex efficient and versatile design combined with engineered long life make Railex the right choice.

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Green Houses

In the burgeoning greenhouse market, Railex overhead speed rail and custom trolleys make your greenhouse operation more efficient, reducing the movement of people and equipment.  Product rides effortlessly on a network of overhead rails to maximize worker efficiency and product capacity.